Backgrounds with Bible verses for your phone

If you like using wallpapers or lock screen backgrounds on your phone, why not make it a reminder of God’s Word?

Most of us always carry our phones everywhere. It’s often the first thing we grab when we wake up and the last thing we put down. What if each time we look at our phone, we see a Scripture verse that motivates us and cheers us on? Wouldn’t that brighten up your day?

That is why I created these backgrounds. You won’t find these anywhere else, because all of the pictures are photos I took while admiring the beauty of God’s creation. And now I’m giving them away for free so that you can glorify God with them and spread the Word!

You can search the collection to see what you like, or you can jump straight to our themed wallpapers:

Whether you need some encouragement, comfort, or reflection, take your pick!

All for God’s glory,

Danielle Bernice