8 Biblical prayers for peace

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Jesus brings us peace, but sometimes we struggle to feel it. When we are going through challenging times, other emotions can get in the way of experiencing peace. We then start struggling with feelings like anxiety, worry, fear, anger, doubt, and more.

God gave us various tools to battle these feelings, and one of those is prayer.

That is why I have created these prayers for 8 different situations that require peace, using idyllic, peace-promoting photos I took of God’s wonderful creations.

These prayers are based on promises in the Bible and on the principles of the Lord’s Prayer, in which Jesus taught us how to pray. This way, we can freely pray in Jesus’ Name.

You can find more prayers like these on our resource page.

May God bless you and give you peace.

Danielle Bernice

8 Biblical prayers for peace when dealing with emotions like anxiety, stress, and fear