These prayers are based on promises in the Bible and on the principles of the Lord’s Prayer, in which Jesus taught us how to pray. This way, we can freely pray in Jesus’ Name.

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Why use Biblical prayers?

Prayers come in various forms, and one of those forms is called supplication. That is when we ask for something we need.

In John 14, Jesus tells us that whatever we ask in His Name, He will do. I once preached a sermon about this and called it: “How to get your prayers answered.” Because Jesus tells us exactly on which basis He will grant us our requests: The Word of God.

Many Christians think that praying in Jesus’ Name means that adding “I pray this in Jesus’ Name” at the end of a prayer, guarantees a positive outcome. But this is simply not true. Not unless you mean it, and really live by those words.

James teaches us that we won’t receive if we pray motivated by our worldly desires (James 4).
Because the privilege of asking anything in Jesus’ Name, means that He gave us permission to ask God for what we need as if He is the One asking it. As His body, we are petitioning God on His behalf!

Jesus is Truth (John 14:6), so He would never ask for anything that doesn’t fit His character or His will. And why would God fulfill an unGodly request? That doesn’t glorify Him, nor does it do you or anybody else any good.

To fully align with Jesus’ character and His will, we need His Spirit. When we have His Spirit, God’s Word lives inside of us (John 1). That is why righteous, loving prayers, will always align with the truth of God’s Word.

Jesus taught us how to pray

When Jesus taught us how to pray the Lord’s prayer in Matthew 6, He gave us various Biblical principles:

  1. The Lord knows what you need before you ask (vs 8).
  2. We need to treat God’s character and reputation with utmost respect (vs 9).
  3. God’s will prevails (vs 10).
  4. Having our needs met is not a given, but a gift (vs 11).
  5. We need forgiveness every day (vs 12).
  6. We need to forgive every day (vs 12).
  7. We need help staying out of trouble (vs 13).
  8. And as some manuscripts add: God is all-mighty, all-powerful, and He deserves all the glory.

These principles are essential cornerstones for praying in Jesus’ Name. That is why the prayers on this website are uniquely created to align with these principles and with other truths in God’s Word.

Feel free to use them non-commercially with a reference to this website. Hopefully, this gift will be a blessing to you and your loved ones.

For God’s glory,

Danielle Bernice

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