Front cover of "Overcoming Burnout through Biblical Tactics" displaying a photograph of a coastline road with a bright sunset.

In recent years, burnout has become an incapacitating challenge within the Church as it stands in the way of a fruitful, fulfilling Christian life. With symptoms like exhaustion, depression, concentration issues, and a wide range of physical problems, joyfully serving the Lord seems virtually impossible.

So many of us are suffering from burnout symptoms these days, and we are eager to know how to overcome burnout once and for all. Much has been written about burnout and its recovery process, especially by psychologists and coaches. They talk about mindfulness, healing through self-care, and ways to find rest. But what does the Bible say about recovery from burnout?

This book provides answers to questions like:

  • Is burnout Biblical?
  • Why do we get burned out?
  • What does the Bible tell us about burnout prevention?
  • What methods does the Bible provide for having victory over burnout once and for all?

 “Overcoming Burnout through Biblical Tactics” combines theory with practical exercises while sharing the author’s own experiences on her road to victory. By integrating proven psychological methods with the power of the Word, this guide offers you the essential tools to break free from burnout and prevent its grip on your life.

It’s time to rise above burnout and embrace the abundant life you were meant to live!